This story was inspired by the movie “Battle Royal”. Made in 2000, it is more violent than the Americanized version, popularly known as “The Hunger Games”, and the Japanese version is what we are trying to pull off more. So, that being said, this story is not intended for anyone under the age of 18, and this story will contain things that are rated “R”. You’ve been warned. :p

The world is ruled by one mad man, dated in 2047. The Earth was terrorized and eventually had fallen to its greatest demise, leaving endless amounts of people injured or killed. The Earths wrath upon itself cost the lives of billions, but one man finally stood to show guidance and power. The power overtook him, consuming his mind and he grew greedy for it all, and now he is the eyes and ears of the entire globe. 
 The lands are separated by barbed wire, bodies of water that can be toxic, land mines and other dangerous surroundings, keeping everyone within their own “district” to try and stay alive in. Areas around the world that have managed to hold on to their wealth, or families that haven't lost everything to their name, can sometimes pay to be exempt from the districts that are put into the deadly games. Thrown into unnamed and uncivilized territories, unknowing of what dangers they face, people are thrown into districts being expected to either live or die, trying to either find their way back to family, friends, or just trying to stay alive in general for the Overlord's own entertainment.

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